Trailing Zeros of A Factorial With Legendre's Formula

Around a year ago, I was in a zoom interview for a large tech company. I was given two reasonably challenging coding problems and aced them with ease. Then came the number theory. The interviewer asked the question "How many trailing zeros are there in 100 factorial?"

Performance Psychology For Computer Science and Math

In this article, I will discuss performance variation, methods of practice, and the fundamental problem solving skills that I believe contribute to high performance in technical fields. These insights are informed by documented concepts in performance psychology.

Continuity and Uniform Continuity Quick Notes (Real Analysis)

A brief quick-notes on continuity and uniform continuity

C++ For Jupyter Notebook

Today I will show you how to get an interactive computing environment for C++ working with Jupyter Notebook.

Simple Monte Carlo Options Pricer In Python

In this article we will cover the math behind options pricing and implement a monte carlo model in Python.

Basic Counterfactual Regret Minimization (Rock Paper Scissors)

In this article we will introduce an important concept of algorithmic game theory through the basic example of rock paper scissors.

Binary Tree Traversal Cheat Sheet

In this post I will teach you all the ways to traverse a binary tree namely; in-order traversal, pre-order traversal, post-order traversal, and level order traversal

The St. Petersburg Paradox, When EV Isn't Enough

Today we will discuss a famous problem known as the St. Petersburg Paradox. The problem was originally presented by Daniel Bernoulli in 1738 in the Commentaries of the Imperial Academy of Science of Saint Petersburg (hence the name). The problem demonstrates that certain games may have extremely high payoff/utility yet the variance of outcomes can be such that no sensible person would participate (despite extremely high expectation).

The ONLY Poker Books Worth Reading

One of the trickiest parts about improving as a Poker player is finding high quality learning resources. There are numerous successful players over the years who have written books on their approaches to the game, yet Poker evolves so quickly that these books are often outdated within a few years.

Poker Theory Fundamentals

In this article I will lay out the foundational knowledge required to begin learning modern GTO (Game Theory Optimal) poker. At this point, the GTO vs Exploitative debate has essentially been settled and most reasonable people have acknowledged that if you want to be a profitable poker player you need to have a solid understanding of theory. Any exploitation should generally occur as a deliberate deviation from what you understand to be a theoretically correct play. But, if you do not have a foundational understanding of what theoretically correct play even is, your exploitative plays will be based on accurate hunches (at best) and complete delusion (at worst).